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Me and my friends had a party. I kinda drank too much and I went outside and barked on every human who passed. I even fitted in their neighbor’s kennel.


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One time I got so drunk at house party, my friends told me that I gave lap dance to passed out dude, called my mom and told her I want to marry her, then peed in someone’s closet and ran away. They found me after hour upstairs eating froot loops on washing machine.


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Me and my sister got so drunk at one house party that when we went home we shaved my mother’s head bald…


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I was once so drunk that me and my friend went on beach and I peed my pants. It was winter too and my friend told me that I removed my pants and panties and I was holding them up so wind could dry them and I was singing “Let it go” song. She even told me that I was running around the beach without panties and she was chasing me.


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So one time I was so drunk I went to a party and before it I drank a water bottle of fireball and then I brought a water bottle of vodka to this girls house and I drank everything at her house i was completely shitfaced all i remember is making out with 2 girls and then waking up ass naked on a slide next to an elementary school.


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I was at a friends/coworkers bonfire. Got shit faced and apparently told her that I thought I needed to be a lesbian for a guy that was there to like me. I’m straight and don’t even know what made me say that. All my coworkers won’t let me down for it even 5 months later.


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One time I got drunk I literally passed out in someone’s garden in their back yard and they shot off a shotgun round in the air to chase me out I got up and barely made it over their fence that was barbwire thinking how the hell I did it while blacked out without a scratch.


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Dared myself and several friends to get drunk before an exam. Friends and I went into campus intoxicated and tipsy, went to the restroom to freshen up, fell asleep in the cubicle, woke up 30 min later, transferred to another cubicle and redecorate it with puke. I went to another cubicle, fell asleep for another 30 min or so. I went to the classroom, drunk AF, answered my paper in less than 5 min. Yelled “adios!” Before leaving. Went back to the bar and realized I took the wrong exam.  I took a College Algebra exam, I was supposed to take a Philosophy exam that day…


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Once we were camping on my friend’s lawn and her parents were drinking with friends and neighbors around a campfire. Later that night, the 3 of us got woke up by moaning and screams coming from the Jacuzzi. My friends father(50) was having sex with the neighbors daughter(25). It lasted 2 hours. 2 fucking hours.


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One time I was dared to drink half a bottle of vodka and 12 jager bombs, so I did. I ended up hugging a guy dressed in a clown costume, than got scared and ran into my room where I threw up on my bed. I woke up the next morning and my bed was in the shower filled with water. turns out i tried to clean the vomit stain.


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One night I couldn’t find the toilet and I was so drunk that I attempted to piss off the balcony of our 11th storey apartment. When my friend restrained me and said that it wasn’t a good idea I escaped and ran down the hallway and peed outside the lift. Pretty sure I left a stain.


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I was drinking at a friends house with some of our other friends. I got so drunk that the last thing I remember is lying on the porch and throwing up. The next day I woke up in a nice bed surprisingly with no hangover and find out that my friends step dads (who we all thought was an asshole) bike was under the porch right where I threw up so it got all over the bike. I felt strangely proud for being able to hit the bike so accurately. Apparently I also tried to talk to the cat but it bit me in the forehead.


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One time I was in a country in south america. In a small town had a few bars. Started drinking. Eventually I remember we started playing that stupid fucking party like a rockstar song. Meanwhile the locals are just looking at these fucking nutcases, us. At some point we found a homeless dude, bought him a beer. We named him taco. He told us he killed someone once. Interesting night.


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Got really drunk one night. Started listening to metal. Tried to break table. Took the speakers with us blasting Korn throughout the streets of the city at around 4 in the morning. We were trying to look fucking nuts so we would not get jumped. Went to mcdonalds with the music. Yelled at some random people.


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Left a house party and was waiting for a Uber with 2 friends, one friend passed out on the boulevard so a cop got out and took our id’s. The cop asked me why I was only wearring socks and my friend told the cops I had been wearing flip flops. Then the kid that was passed out got up and tried convincing the cop the drunk kid next to us was our sober driver.


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So I got kinda drunk at a party once when I was 18, it was my first college party and I kind of overdid it.  I don’t remember much of it, but apparently I was a real bitch to people, I would do things like call them out, try to pick a fight, or just say mean things about them.  they all hated me for weeks and didn’t talk to me.  Eventually they forgave me cause I kept apologizing and explaining that I didn’t know what I was saying. Looking back it was kinda funny.


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Went out to a bar with friends. After about 25-30 beers i was so drunk I:
Haggled with the owner of the bar we were sitting with about a picture of Bob Marley.
Broke a pint, and started crying, all while apologizing to the pint I just broke, and using a piece of it to cut my finger.
Bleed so much that one of my friends fainted from the sight.
Got stitches.
Went back to the bar, drank some more.
Came home and took a shit in the garage sink, and fell asleep on the floor.


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I was fifteen and went to my buddies house to spend the night (his parents weren’t home) his neighbors and a few older friends showed up and we started drinking beer but I was having the most then we went to a another guys grad party where I had a shit ton of beer and we met some kids from a different school and then we went back to my buddies house and had more beer and multiple shots. And I did multiple beer bongs and passed out on the couch. Turns out that wasn’t the end if the night… I apparently pissed on the floor. They still talk about it to this day 2 years later.


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I was at my friends party when I was 14 and I got so drunk ,we started drinking at 5 and the party ended at 1 however at around 2 me and my friend snuck out to get food then realized we were lost I ended up in my friends house and I lost my virginity to him at around 5 am I had sobered up a little and had to climb back in my window.


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OUT camping. My buddy girlfriend got really drunk and went to bed hours ago. 45 minutes ago we decided to crawled into our tents. Moments later we were called out to go look for my buds girlfriend, who was no longer in the tent. After a search, I found her lying in the road naked. I though she was dead, but was relieved when she answered me with a calm,cool “yes, can I help you”? I explained i just found her in the road and that she needed to go to bed. My buddy was relieved and confused to see me bring her back naked. He was speechless as I handed him her panties and walked away.