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I remember leaving the bar so drunk, with clothes on. Woke up on my living room floor butt naked with one shoe on my hand and my other hand in a bag of chips. Pulled my hand out of the bag of chips to find I was clutching an unpaid bill from a different bar than the one I remember leaving. Clothes and other shoe gone. Went back to the bar to pay the bill. After some investigation I found out I left with my clothes on, no sign of my shoe or clothes to this day. At least I took my keys, wallet and phone home with me. haha.


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I got drunk and ran down my hallway of my new apartment complex naked. Well topless, but on the record my tits are awesome not sure if my neighbors saw or minded but I tend to get drunk and topless


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Alright, so it’s the morning after my 21st birthday and I had one mission, to get wrecked. I’ll check things off in the order discovered:
- woke up naked, hungover as @#$%
- threw up Chinese food + Captain Morgans Private Stock on living room floor (that orange stain is there to this day, 2years later)
- threw up in the bathroom everywhere but into the toilet
- pissed all over my school books
- took a dump on the couch
Mission Accomplished.


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My father was so drunk that he told me about his childhood and how he met my mother. Communism and World war was involved in his story and I’m only 16.


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One time I got drunk and found a baby doll in the middle of nowhere and carried it around like it was my kid then I found a stick that looked like a gun and and went hunting.


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I was so drunk I decided to peel all the carrots we had in our fridge then when my dad came home I told him I had a headache and went to my room and knocked over everything in my path.


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I got so drunk one afternoon then befriended homeless people. I tried to beg with them when when church mass ended. Next things in order of happening: more beer, sleeping it off in park full of people with my legs on the pavement, more beers on beer festival, being kicked out, challenging police officer to fight, running away to not get arrested, beers in the pub, losing at arm and bruise my shoulder. Blackout and then waking up at other side of city at 2AM with no idea how I got there.


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I was so drunk I woke up near the Hilton Valet with puke stains on my golden colored tuxedo that I had to return in 4 hours. Not only that, I had an interview. 4 hours later I again woke up in the same place, with my hand in my pants. Somehow I left feeling nauseated, stressed from missing an interview and having to pay 450$ for the tux but relieved and unemployed.


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I was once so drunk, I woke up in my best friend’s yard using several squares of sod as covers. I was also wearing a bra. I am a man.


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One time I was so drunk that I went to work and changed my employees year-end bonus’s based on how I actually felt about them.


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One I night I had gotten so drunk at my now ex girlfriends house that I decided to dance on the roof of my lifted truck and fell off, unfortunately the night did not end there.. after some more drinking her brother in law and i decided to go across the highway from her house to smoke some weed on our way back I stated I had to piss and proceeded to pull it out and begin urinating in the highway with a 18 wheeler coming head on. I had no memory of this the next morning until I saw the pictures and videos.


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One time me and my bud were so drunk walking home we came across a steam roller on some roadworks. We both then tried to drive the steam roller but my friend fell off and cracked his head on the wheel thing. We did walk back to his house but we eventually called an ambulance as he hadn’t stopped bleeding.


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I got so drunk last night that I missed class this morning.


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On my 22nd birthday I got so drunk that I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and ended up sitting on a mini filing cabinet in my kitchen and peed all over the kitchen floor. My mom found me mid-pee and that is the only reason I know this happened.


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One time we went clubbing in a town pretty far away from home, so we had to take the party bus… on our way home, my friend was so drunk that she started telling a guy why the lion king was her favorite movie and then she started singing hakuna matata. Then, out of nowhere, she was making out with the guy and she gave him a hand job in the bus that was full of people. She threw up over him afterwards..


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My boyfriend and I got so drunk once we were only supposed to sip, but I ended up making out with a girl. He stopped us because I was enjoying it too much. Long story short he woke up naked and I was half naked the next day on the floor of her bedroom.


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Up at a college for welcome weekend me and my buddy got so drunk we both got naked and climbed on top of the school’s wrecking ball statue, swinging around and screaming Miley Cyrus’s “wrecking ball” for a solid half hour before I eventually fell off, splitting my toe open.


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I was at my in laws and drank way too much I told my husband that he cares about his mom more than me then started crying after that I remember slapping my husband in the face after overhearing his mother telling him to leave me alone. Then I started yelling at her. Really wish I didn’t drink so much…


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I was so drunk and went to go jack off, long story short I got up and I thought I was gonna cum but pissed all over my new computer.


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I was so drunk, I turned my USB charger around before I plugged it in… And it worked.