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Me and my friends had a party. I kinda drank too much and I went outside and barked on every human who passed. I even fitted in their neighbor’s kennel.


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One time I got so drunk at house party, my friends told me that I gave lap dance to passed out dude, called my mom and told her I want to marry her, then peed in someone’s closet and ran away. They found me after hour upstairs eating froot loops on washing machine.


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Me and my sister got so drunk at one house party that when we went home we shaved my mother’s head bald…


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So one time I was so drunk I went to a party and before it I drank a water bottle of fireball and then I brought a water bottle of vodka to this girls house and I drank everything at her house i was completely shitfaced all i remember is making out with 2 girls and then waking up ass naked on a slide next to an elementary school.


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I was at a friends/coworkers bonfire. Got shit faced and apparently told her that I thought I needed to be a lesbian for a guy that was there to like me. I’m straight and don’t even know what made me say that. All my coworkers won’t let me down for it even 5 months later.


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One time I was dared to drink half a bottle of vodka and 12 jager bombs, so I did. I ended up hugging a guy dressed in a clown costume, than got scared and ran into my room where I threw up on my bed. I woke up the next morning and my bed was in the shower filled with water. turns out i tried to clean the vomit stain.


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One night I couldn’t find the toilet and I was so drunk that I attempted to piss off the balcony of our 11th storey apartment. When my friend restrained me and said that it wasn’t a good idea I escaped and ran down the hallway and peed outside the lift. Pretty sure I left a stain.


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Got really drunk one night. Started listening to metal. Tried to break table. Took the speakers with us blasting Korn throughout the streets of the city at around 4 in the morning. We were trying to look fucking nuts so we would not get jumped. Went to mcdonalds with the music. Yelled at some random people.


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Left a house party and was waiting for a Uber with 2 friends, one friend passed out on the boulevard so a cop got out and took our id’s. The cop asked me why I was only wearring socks and my friend told the cops I had been wearing flip flops. Then the kid that was passed out got up and tried convincing the cop the drunk kid next to us was our sober driver.


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So I got kinda drunk at a party once when I was 18, it was my first college party and I kind of overdid it.  I don’t remember much of it, but apparently I was a real bitch to people, I would do things like call them out, try to pick a fight, or just say mean things about them.  they all hated me for weeks and didn’t talk to me.  Eventually they forgave me cause I kept apologizing and explaining that I didn’t know what I was saying. Looking back it was kinda funny.


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I was fifteen and went to my buddies house to spend the night (his parents weren’t home) his neighbors and a few older friends showed up and we started drinking beer but I was having the most then we went to a another guys grad party where I had a shit ton of beer and we met some kids from a different school and then we went back to my buddies house and had more beer and multiple shots. And I did multiple beer bongs and passed out on the couch. Turns out that wasn’t the end if the night… I apparently pissed on the floor. They still talk about it to this day 2 years later.


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I was at my friends party when I was 14 and I got so drunk ,we started drinking at 5 and the party ended at 1 however at around 2 me and my friend snuck out to get food then realized we were lost I ended up in my friends house and I lost my virginity to him at around 5 am I had sobered up a little and had to climb back in my window.


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I was so drunk at a party in Argentina that after taking a shot I drank unsafe tap water. People had to help me throw it up only to find me drinking more water 5 minutes later… This time out of a plant vase.


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My friend was so drunk that he sat down next to a random girl, stared at her straight in eyes for 5 minutes, told her he’s in love with her, and then walked away.


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I was so drunk last night at my best friend’s party that they had to take me to the park to hide me because we were underage drinking at a restaurant and the manager would see me making out with everyone while trying to undress myself.


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I got so drunk at the last party, that when I woke up in the car I did not remember anything. Afterwards, my friends told me, that I had messed up my crush with some other guy and I kissed him. After it all I threw up a few times and then passed out somewhere. Until now I do not remember anything from that night.


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One time I was at the lake with some friends(3 guys and 5 girls) and got so drunk that I jumped in the lake naked and got out swinging my dong around saying “Look at my shrinky dinky!”. Over and over and passed out on the top of the cabin.


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I got so drunk last night, I screamed at my ex, fell down cement stairs, smashed my phone and then proceeded to strip in front of everyone and go swimming in just my bra and thong.


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Once I got so drunk that i thought it would be funny to do a moonie to every boy that walked past me, then me and my friends snuck into these pools owned by a winery then we got caught by security guards but ran away from them only wearing bikinis then went for a walk up this hill and got completely lost, we then found our way home and then i sent all these terrible selfies to a whole lot of random boys on my phone…. The next morning i couldn’t remember anything until someone told me about it.


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Once I was so drunk that I texted my mom how drunk I was and what a great time I was having.