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Once I was so drunk I stole a champagne bucket with two bottles of champagne as I was running out I was swearing at the bouncers then run into a lampost. While doing all this I had a cig in my hand wearing my sunglasses


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I went to a grad party and I must have gotten so drunk because the last thing I remember was saying goodnight. I woke up in my car with my pants down holding myself, the worst part is my door was open and facing the house. Anyone and everyone could see me.


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On my best friends house party was the first time i got so drunk. i just poured everything down i saw. I can’t really remember but my friend told me i hit on every guy there, asked my best friends mate if i should give him a blowjob, peed on a chair because I thought it was a toilet, bit my best friends hand because i didn’t want to sleep and i wanted to knock down his cupboard..


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This happened about a year ago when a was at my cousin’s confirmation party.
- Had to much wine, and got shit-faced.
- almost fell into a electric fence
- Talked to myself all the way up to a concrete well
- Had a chat with a horse and the well
- ran around in high heels on a grass field laughing my ass off
- crawled around on the ground, eating pansy flowers off the ground all the while talking about salad or something.
- smiled dumbly at my brother
- woke up in car


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I was so drunk once that I was having sex with my girlfriend and fell asleep, she said I started snoring in the middle of it.


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I got so drunk last week, that I tried to walk to my friends house (she lives by a creek) and fell in. I don’t remember it, and was found by an off duty cop while on the verge of hypothermia.


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I got so drunk once at a festival that I wanted to get my hair bleached, but they didn’t have bleach so I went and got my nose pierced.


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One time I got so drunk I asked my friend to borrow their phone, I then texted myself asking if I was ok and where I was…


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I was so drunk once at a party I was looking for this boy who left earlier so I went upstairs and hid in a closet thinking it was the bathroom and peed on the floor. My friends found me in the closet and me thinking it was a game I ran down a flight of stairs, tripped and tumbled down the whole flight of stairs. I proceeded to get up like nothing happened even though everyone saw.


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I got so drunk at a recent cast party, that my cast mate started asking  me questions about famous people. He asked me to tell him something about President Thomas Jefferson. At first I didn’t know who that was. Then I asked, “Wasn’t he the train guy? With the face?” And then I began freaking out, thinking that my best friend’s boyfriend- whose name is Thomas- was the president.
Then I sat down on the back of a couch and fell over immediately.


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My friend was so drunk at party, he jumped the backyard fence and never came back… He woke up to a state trooper staring at him in a different state.


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One time i was at a party, and i was so drunk! Apparently everyones champagne bottles started to go missing. Moments later a friend saw me sneaking around in the dark, in the back of the yard, in the snow, only wearing a bra and panties, quietly laughing by myself, with all the missing champagne bottles, looking super satisfied.. He called my name, i panicked, and ran away… It took 45 minutes to find me, hiding in a shed.


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My friend had a small party by the end of the night we had 75 beer and 2 mickeys of whiskey. We ran into a field and got lost almost fell from a 100 ft high windmill, popped the tires on a random bike, tried to extinguish a fire but sprayed each other with fire extinguishers, broke a table in half with a huge cabinate sprayed diesel and gas everywhere and ran on the highway and almost got ran over by a semi. That night we all got so drunk.


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Once I bottled down a whole bottle of vodka that I got so drunk and ended up having sex with 5 hot girls from my school in my sisters treehouse


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So this time I went out with my friends to drink and go clubbing. I got so drunk that I kept challenging the bouncers in the club to a fight, one of them then dragged me to the motel next door and I spent the night there.


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I was so drunk that I finished passing out naked in the living room where everybody was sitting.


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I was so drunk at the end of school year that I ripped my nylons of and was left with “nylon boxers”. I went to pee and wanted to rip of the last of the nylons and ended up ripping my underwear off.


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One time I was so drunk, my aunt was driving me home from a party, I frantically ran inside trying to find a washroom I hit my head on a shelf.
Proceeded to go into the washroom (it was occupied)
Went outside (aunt was still parked outside) stripped off my pants and panty and relieved myself then waltzed back into the house (naked from the waist down) and Passed out on the floor. My mom heard all the ruckus, came down , tried to dress me,  then Covered me up with a blanket.
I woke up half naked, still drunk, wondering why my head was so bruised.


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So one night me and my friend and sister were at this party. We got so drunk and I don’t even know how we got to the party to be honest.. My sister wandered outside and decided to sit in the middle of the street. I found her sitting there holding this random cat hugging it and crying, my friend probably made out with just about everyone there haha best night ever. Gosh I love being a teenager and having wild nights…


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The first time I went to a house party I got so drunk that I picked up a bible and said “God will forgive me for my sins if I read this”.