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I got so drunk last night I woke up with a different pair of trousers on , lost my clutch and am currently locked outside my bedroom


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After a party, I was getting walked/carried home by two of my friends. They were scared that the cops would see us. I was so drunk that I proceeded to hide behind a tree because, and I quote, the cops would never think to look behind there.


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I was so drunk last night that I started playing football with the boys pretending to show off my skills then I kicked the ball into the pond that was in the garden, then tried to get the ball out and completely fell into it which had over 20 fish.


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Last night I got so drunk I ran around my neighborhood screaming at the top of my lungs ‘I’m the King in the North’. People were opening their windows and shouting at me to be quiet, finally I passed out on my doorstep & I was awoken by the postman, good night.


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Once I was so drunk I came home 3 hours past my curfew, sat on my porch eating the stick part of lollipops. When I tried to get inside I was locked out and decided to sleep butt ass naked on my front lawn. My neighbor came by the next morning and woke me up.


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I was so drunk one night I made out with my brothers friend and then grabbed his package in the car and announced he was firm.


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When I was 16 years old I ran away from home after a really shitty day and I got completely shit faced with my 2 best friends. I ended up at some beach in Santa Cruz 50 miles away from my home and I had to go to Saturday school or else i would get suspended. I woke up face first in the sand and completely wet. Eventually I got to my school all wet and covered in sand and 10 minutes into detention I threw up on the girl sitting in front of me.


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You know you were so drunk the night before when you wake up naked on the floor with a condom on and a huge bump on the back of your head.


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Once I was so drunk at a party I started shouting at a potted plant in my friends house… Saying it looked stupid then decided to chuck it at a wall while my friends attempted to drag me out the house and failed. The next morning I woke up in the middle of a park with my friend passed out next to me and I was wearing a turkey hat . My sober guy friend caught it all on tape…


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On a night of a uni lacrosse initiations I blacked out and found myself locked out of my flat with nothing on apart from my trousers. I tried knocking on the door but no one answered so I ran topless across my uni accommodation to another building where my friends opened the door to me trying to cover my boobs with my hair and looking very confused to how I found myself in this situation.


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My friends and I went clubbing and got hammered. One friend was trying to make out with the bartender by “bribing” him with shitty quotes. We left and started walking around asking people where the x-men were. I woke up in someone’s garden, BBQ sauce all over my face.


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Last night I was so drunk I took off all of my clothes (at a party) refused to put them on because I wanted to be in my “natural state” sucked some random guys dick in front of my boyfriend (and everyone else) three up on a car, and told them that I want to cut all of my skin off so I would be pretty, they took me home and I woke up on my floor butt naked.


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I was so drunk I went outside the house to throw up (it was -20 C), and then I peed on the balcony.


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Once I was at a party an d I was so drunk I walked over to my crush and on my way there I tripped over my own feet and fell. I spilt my drink on him. Later that night I walked over to him had a whole conversation with him but before I walked away I made out with him


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I was so drunk in a party that on our way home at the backsit I planned to touch the chicks leg glowing in the dark, I did! But only to find out that it’s my own leg I’m caressing. Sobeer!


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I was so drunk one night that I got home too early.


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I was so drunk at a pool party that I shat in the pool and kept swimming in it.


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It was my best friends birthday party. I was drunk and hungry so I ate pizza and fell asleep with pizza in my mouth. I woke up 3 hours later (still drunk as f***) and swallowed the rest of the pizza in my mouth…


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Went to a uni party being thrown by the maths department at the uni for some of the students and lecturers. Wasn’t even intending to drink. Basically drank so much so quickly that I got blackout drunk puked everywhere. Embarrassed myself in front of everyone and woke up on a strangers sofa with no recollection of the night.


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One time, after a long day of tailgating for a football game, I was completely hammered and decided to go out yet again with some friends. At this point, I got to the party and the people there tried to give me water. I kept refusing and told them the only way I would drink the water was if I could pour vodka in it. Finally, they gave up and gave me the water and some alcohol. That was the first and last time I make a mixed drink with water and cheap vodka. So Drunk