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It was my cousin’s wedding! So It was necessary for me to drink, with allowance. So here I was, so drunk that night, I danced wherever I was with whoever was with me, I was greeting everyone on the streets (for no reason), I sexted to my childhood friend, and we had sex the same night (which was unbelievable), I flirted with 3 more girls (2 of them were married) and ate so much that I puked that night where I was staying at my neighbors house (who doesn’t allow drinking).


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I went out with my best friend and her 16 yo brother, I’m 24, i got so drunk i woke up next to her brother, both naked, I was terrified.


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Last night, I got so drunk that not only did I agree to sleep with this guy I barely know but I asked him to cum in my mouth and when he did I pretty much immediately started vomiting. Oops.


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Past week I downloaded an Android game called “Memes Drinking Game” and tried it with some friends. At the end of the game we were so drunk that I don’t remember anything more. Next morning I woke up half naked in a house of some guys who I did not even know. They were still asleep, so I gathered my things and left without saying anything. I’ll never know what happened in that house.


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I was so drunk that me and my boyfriend thought it was a good idea to have sex on the top of the dining hall stairwell while we waited for our late night food. However, we were outside of a janitors closet and we heard the keys rattle as he walked up the stairs. Once he saw us he gave my boyfriend a high five through the railing and walked back down stairs.


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I was so drunk that I don’t find out she(he) had a dick until we were both naked in my bed.


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I was so drunk once that I sexted my aunt.


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I was in bed with my girlfriend and I was so drunk that I couldn’t make it hard.