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Dared myself and several friends to get drunk before an exam. Friends and I went into campus intoxicated and tipsy, went to the restroom to freshen up, fell asleep in the cubicle, woke up 30 min later, transferred to another cubicle and redecorate it with puke. I went to another cubicle, fell asleep for another 30 min or so. I went to the classroom, drunk AF, answered my paper in less than 5 min. Yelled “adios!” Before leaving. Went back to the bar and realized I took the wrong exam.  I took a College Algebra exam, I was supposed to take a Philosophy exam that day…


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I was drinking at a friends house with some of our other friends. I got so drunk that the last thing I remember is lying on the porch and throwing up. The next day I woke up in a nice bed surprisingly with no hangover and find out that my friends step dads (who we all thought was an asshole) bike was under the porch right where I threw up so it got all over the bike. I felt strangely proud for being able to hit the bike so accurately. Apparently I also tried to talk to the cat but it bit me in the forehead.


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OUT camping. My buddy girlfriend got really drunk and went to bed hours ago. 45 minutes ago we decided to crawled into our tents. Moments later we were called out to go look for my buds girlfriend, who was no longer in the tent. After a search, I found her lying in the road naked. I though she was dead, but was relieved when she answered me with a calm,cool “yes, can I help you”? I explained i just found her in the road and that she needed to go to bed. My buddy was relieved and confused to see me bring her back naked. He was speechless as I handed him her panties and walked away.


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I got so drunk that i started asking questions like Dora the explorer..


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When there was a local party in our town. Me and a friend brought alcohol from our homes. He brought some Vodka mixed with Fanta. I got some half Liter Rum half liter Orange juice mix, to be exact 2 bottles. Log story short i killed both of them lost my friend (Who ended up in an ambulance tent and i was standing at a bus station waiting for him to return for 3 hours until some friends saw me and forced me to eat a bread with cheese.


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One time I was so drunk that my friend was holding me up as I peed so I wouldn’t fall over. I then turned to my other friend standing nearby and said watch this and then proceeded to pee on my friend holding me up as I cracked up laughing. He then let go of me and I hit the ground and started to pee on myself. I was no longer laughing.


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I got so drunk, my friends lost me.. then found me 3 hours later outside a chippy with a hot cup of tea in a china cup and saucer.. where the hell did I get the tea from??


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So I was staying in my friends house and their was 3 of us there. But we had a crate of beer and Jaegermeister shots each. So I go outside to get air because I was feeling sick after that I don’t remember. But when I woke up I remembered and was informed what really happened. Turns out I had climbed onto my friends wall and took a shit over the wall into the neighbours house and the dog (which happened to be a Alsatian) had spotted me so I jumped down off the wall and ran inside with my pants down, was an interesting turn of events.


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My friend was so drunk that he made out with his bedroom door while being naked and told the door she was sexy and that he wanted to be inside her.


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The first time I drank something else than beer, I drank a full bottle of cava. I ended up having my first real kiss with my 3 female friends and puking in my friends garden and eventually cleaning my vomit in front of my friends mom and little brother.


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I got my best friend a bottle of Peach Amsterdam for his birthday and after drinking almost all of it with iced tea. He called my dog to come sit on his lap. Soon after, my dog got up and he started crying because “she didn’t love him anymore “. Then, about a half hour later, one strand of hair got pulled out of his head while running his fingers through his hair and he cried about it because he thought he was going bald.


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I got so drunk when my best friend/roommate and I were at our apartment I decided to see how much shit I could break with my bear hands. I snapped a golf club in two, ripped several soda cans in half, and twisted a stainless steel bar off a guitar stand into a pretzel. I woke up the next day with cuts and horrible bruises all over my hand. We couldn’t unbend the metal.


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One time I was so drunk that I got up and peed all over my friend’s TV.


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Alright so, I was at my friends house and brought my other friend. We were smoking weed so we were all high and my friend was going crazy cause it was her first time. My friends parents were out so we decided to be little shits and steal their alcohol, after that all I remember is taking shots, and eating crackers. When I woke up, I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties and I was in a different shirt. My friend told me that I puked everywhere and walked around the house bottomless in front of her parents… I was so embarrassed.


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My friend was so drunk that I had to leave him home while me and the guys go out, 1 am I’m getting text messages from my 11 year old brother that my friend locked himself in the bathroom and won’t come out and that he heard glass breaking, so I come home and get the door open he broke my toilet and shower glass door.


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I was in a bar with my friend, after several bottles, he told me he’s going to puke. I quickly grabbed him and KICK the fucking bathroom door while someone was taking a shit. My friend knocked him out and started to puke on him.
While he was puking, I asked him why the fuck did he knock the guy out and he said “if I was the guy and someone kicked the fucking door and started to puke on me. I would beat the shit out of him. So I punched him so he wouldn’t have the chance to punch me.”


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I was so drunk one night at a party that I made out with an obviously gay guy in front of his boyfriend.


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My boyfriend and I went to a party, I blacked out and hit on every one at the party except one guy. It was a small gathering but a good majority of them were girls I tried getting with all of them except this one guy I believe he and my boyfriend were the only guys there. Haha amazing night.


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Once my friend was so drunk she came home after a night out and decided to take all the flowers and plant pots from her neighbors garden. She awoke with mud on her face and plants all around her bedroom.


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I was so drunk last night that I left a party I was throwing at my house when my parents showed up out of nowhere. I started claiming they were undercover cops and called friends to come pick me up because my parents were about to arrest me. I threw my phone and keys because I thought they were tracking me (still have not found my keys) and finally woke up the next morning in a ditch about 1 and a half miles from home.