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Got so drunk I blacked out. In the time I was out I apparently (according to my friends) ran laps around campus screaming breaking bad lines, endlessly recited shakespeare in an attempt to try and prove I was sober enough for more alcohol, tried to pick a fight with the burly 300 pound football player for “looking like a baboon”, started claiming I was an agent for the CIA, puked everywhere, stripped to my underwear, ripped the paper towel dispenser off the wall and fell asleep on the bathroom floor.


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Once my dad was so drunk he told me that he was a rock star, then told my cousin to f**k off then crawled up the stairs to bed!


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I was so drunk that i shit in the middle of my cousins floor and didn’t remember doing it. This was on christmas by the way.


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I was so drunk that… I left my friends house at 1:30 to bring my non-biological sister home after attempting to sleep with her in her driveway i proceeded to drive to a real estate demo house and waking up naked with all of my clothes gone, after driving home naked i get dressed for work as i get into my car i find a controlled substance in my back seat and drive to work completely hammered, cool shit i know until the owner of the company came into my work to set up displays. contemplating suicide at the moment


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My friend was so drunk once that he had a conversation with a wall for at least 15 minutes.


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I was so drunk that I shat on my best friend’s car.