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At a house party my friend was so drunk he stole a shovel and started digging out a street sign. He was shouting “Jane I love you! I’ll give you this street sign as a gift!” But then he had to realize that the sign had a 100kg concrete weight underground. He digged out the whole thing, then tried to pull out the sign while screaming for help. “Help me you bullmonkey!” (what the fuck is a bullmonkey?) Suddenly a car came by. The driver asked him what the hell was he doing. He said “I’m trying to be compelling to a girl. Im the compellator!” 4 years later the sign is still 90° slanted.


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My boyfriend came round one night and my mum was so drunk, she tried to get into his “man bag”… He never came back to my house after this.


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My friend was so drunk once that he made out with a street light and danced with it.


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My boyfriend was so drunk that he threw up on my hair when I was sleeping. I was drunk too and I realised it in the morning.


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I was so drunk once that I kissed a girl and made out with her.


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My friend was kissing with a girl and he was so drunk that he puked in her mouth.