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My friend told me a story of him and some buddies that were drinking. So they start with tequila and 2 bottles later they all blacked out. My friend woke up in a car downtown, he had keys but the keys didn’t go to the car, he had vomit all over him and had to take the bus back home. A lady asked him why he smelled so bad and all he could say is “I’m not drinking again”


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After drinking A LOT of drinks, i had a 1 1/2h bus ride to the town, i finally had to pee, really badly. I tried to hold myself while being on the bus, but i couldn’t. I told my friend that i had to pee, he was drinking on the bus and emptied his bottle. He handed it to me. I lay on the side in the bus seat, and pee into it. It was small and hard to aim into being so drunk. I tried to pee into the bottle and i managed to fill it up a lot, i also pee’d down to the floor of the bus seats. After that i carried the bottle of pee with me out of the bus, passing several people.


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On my best friends house party was the first time i got so drunk. i just poured everything down i saw. I can’t really remember but my friend told me i hit on every guy there, asked my best friends mate if i should give him a blowjob, peed on a chair because I thought it was a toilet, bit my best friends hand because i didn’t want to sleep and i wanted to knock down his cupboard..


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I went out with my best friend and her 16 yo brother, I’m 24, i got so drunk i woke up next to her brother, both naked, I was terrified.


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So drunk. well, here’s the story from yesterday. And today… I teach in Thailand, got so drunk yesterday that I lost my brain :) . Emailed ex wife, ex girlfriend, family and friends, everyone – used vulgar language, offended everyone, deleted all accounts, local people saw the white zombie on a way back home. Woke up dead, lost wallet, skipped classes. Lied, got drunk in the morning. I must disappear :) Or fly to the moon, right now.


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This happened about a year ago when a was at my cousin’s confirmation party.
- Had to much wine, and got shit-faced.
- almost fell into a electric fence
- Talked to myself all the way up to a concrete well
- Had a chat with a horse and the well
- ran around in high heels on a grass field laughing my ass off
- crawled around on the ground, eating pansy flowers off the ground all the while talking about salad or something.
- smiled dumbly at my brother
- woke up in car


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One night after drinking a lot I wondered if I could walk around the block naked without being seen. I didn’t make it, a bunch of guys pointed at me laughing and there must have been others. I passed out just inside my front door, still naked.


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Last night, I got so drunk that not only did I agree to sleep with this guy I barely know but I asked him to cum in my mouth and when he did I pretty much immediately started vomiting. Oops.


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I was so drunk once that I was having sex with my girlfriend and fell asleep, she said I started snoring in the middle of it.


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I got so drunk last week, that I tried to walk to my friends house (she lives by a creek) and fell in. I don’t remember it, and was found by an off duty cop while on the verge of hypothermia.


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I got so drunk once at a festival that I wanted to get my hair bleached, but they didn’t have bleach so I went and got my nose pierced.


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One time I got so drunk I asked my friend to borrow their phone, I then texted myself asking if I was ok and where I was…


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One time I was so drunk that my friend was holding me up as I peed so I wouldn’t fall over. I then turned to my other friend standing nearby and said watch this and then proceeded to pee on my friend holding me up as I cracked up laughing. He then let go of me and I hit the ground and started to pee on myself. I was no longer laughing.


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I was so drunk once at a party I was looking for this boy who left earlier so I went upstairs and hid in a closet thinking it was the bathroom and peed on the floor. My friends found me in the closet and me thinking it was a game I ran down a flight of stairs, tripped and tumbled down the whole flight of stairs. I proceeded to get up like nothing happened even though everyone saw.


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I got so drunk at a recent cast party, that my cast mate started asking  me questions about famous people. He asked me to tell him something about President Thomas Jefferson. At first I didn’t know who that was. Then I asked, “Wasn’t he the train guy? With the face?” And then I began freaking out, thinking that my best friend’s boyfriend- whose name is Thomas- was the president.
Then I sat down on the back of a couch and fell over immediately.


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My friend was so drunk at party, he jumped the backyard fence and never came back… He woke up to a state trooper staring at him in a different state.


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All different blacked out times: peed on strangers lap getting ride home in packed car, ran around parking lot w my pants around my ankles after the club let out n fell n chipped tooth, squatted in the drainage hole in the bar kitchen cuz the line for restroom too long, humped a gravestone at cemetery bc I figured dead peeps still want to get laid then slipped n fell from the rigorous thrusting n broke my ankle.


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One time i was at a party, and i was so drunk! Apparently everyones champagne bottles started to go missing. Moments later a friend saw me sneaking around in the dark, in the back of the yard, in the snow, only wearing a bra and panties, quietly laughing by myself, with all the missing champagne bottles, looking super satisfied.. He called my name, i panicked, and ran away… It took 45 minutes to find me, hiding in a shed.


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Last night I got so drunk I shat myself and peed in the dirty clothes basket. I can’t even look my dad in the eyes without thinking of him washing my shit stained clothes.


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My friend had a small party by the end of the night we had 75 beer and 2 mickeys of whiskey. We ran into a field and got lost almost fell from a 100 ft high windmill, popped the tires on a random bike, tried to extinguish a fire but sprayed each other with fire extinguishers, broke a table in half with a huge cabinate sprayed diesel and gas everywhere and ran on the highway and almost got ran over by a semi. That night we all got so drunk.