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I was in a bar with my friend, after several bottles, he told me he’s going to puke. I quickly grabbed him and KICK the fucking bathroom door while someone was taking a shit. My friend knocked him out and started to puke on him.
While he was puking, I asked him why the fuck did he knock the guy out and he said “if I was the guy and someone kicked the fucking door and started to puke on me. I would beat the shit out of him. So I punched him so he wouldn’t have the chance to punch me.”


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So drunk.. So I’m hammered. Wake. having to piss like a race horse.. Pitch black.. Start walking around the room. About to piss my pants. Starting to panic. Breaking glass antiques.. I start pissing.. all over the floor. Huge amount of beer mainly.. I finally find a light switch. Remember where I am Broken glass , blood and pee. I cut my feet walking on broken glass.


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One time I threw a party and I was so drunk I blacked out pretty early into the night, and woke up stumbling into the bathroom to puke the next morning. I slipped on something soggy. It was a pair of boxers. I found eight more soggy pairs that day.


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One time I was so drunk I ran out into the snow in only a bra and danced with a blanket all by myself.


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I was so drunk at a party this weekend that I wrestled a random guy in the snow, found my jacket in the washing machine, talked to a Christmas tree, danced on a beer pong table and fell onto 4 people, and ended up getting a ride home from a guy who’s “allergic to alcohol”


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The first time I drank was when me and my friends snuck into a club. I tried beer, and fucking hated it(still do), so I went straight for the vodka.  When I was making my way back to my buddies, I thought I saw them popping open a champagne bottle and cheering, so I cheered too. Then I saw them standing somewhere else, looking at me with the ‘Wtf’ face. Later on I got lost in a dazed state for half an hour.


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So drunk that I changed my password to drunk but spelt drunk wrong.


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On my 22nd birthday I got so drunk that I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and ended up sitting on a mini filing cabinet in my kitchen and peed all over the kitchen floor. My mom found me mid-pee and that is the only reason I know this happened.


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I was so drunk that I don’t remember the party. I do remember waking the next morning in a field 2.5 miles away from the party with no clue how I got there and badger’s carcass a foot from my face.


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I had way too any beers at my friends 18th and I was too drunk to hold the toilet so I peed down the stairs while the host’s mum was there and I really hope she didn’t notice.


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One time we went clubbing in a town pretty far away from home, so we had to take the party bus… on our way home, my friend was so drunk that she started telling a guy why the lion king was her favorite movie and then she started singing hakuna matata. Then, out of nowhere, she was making out with the guy and she gave him a hand job in the bus that was full of people. She threw up over him afterwards..


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When I was 16 I got so drunk that 8 shots in I saw this boy I really liked so I cried (as any teenage girl does) until I decided it was time to sober up. So my idea of sobering up was going outside and lighting a joint. By the end of the night I had made out with 3 of my girlfriends, cried profusely, ran away, threw up, went to a synagogue, and ended up falling asleep next to a Walmart in my best friends arms.


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I was so drunk one night at a party that I made out with an obviously gay guy in front of his boyfriend.


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Can’t really choose… I got one when the police woke me up in an elderly home. One where my friend woke up on the toilet of a bar that was already closed down. One where I got knocked out by a toilet sink in Bulgaria and went to the hospital. One when I ended up with my bike in a canal.


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Past week I downloaded an Android game called “Memes Drinking Game” and tried it with some friends. At the end of the game we were so drunk that I don’t remember anything more. Next morning I woke up half naked in a house of some guys who I did not even know. They were still asleep, so I gathered my things and left without saying anything. I’ll never know what happened in that house.


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My boyfriend and I went to a party, I blacked out and hit on every one at the party except one guy. It was a small gathering but a good majority of them were girls I tried getting with all of them except this one guy I believe he and my boyfriend were the only guys there. Haha amazing night.


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My boyfriend and I got so drunk once we were only supposed to sip, but I ended up making out with a girl. He stopped us because I was enjoying it too much. Long story short he woke up naked and I was half naked the next day on the floor of her bedroom.


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Up at a college for welcome weekend me and my buddy got so drunk we both got naked and climbed on top of the school’s wrecking ball statue, swinging around and screaming Miley Cyrus’s “wrecking ball” for a solid half hour before I eventually fell off, splitting my toe open.


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I was at my in laws and drank way too much I told my husband that he cares about his mom more than me then started crying after that I remember slapping my husband in the face after overhearing his mother telling him to leave me alone. Then I started yelling at her. Really wish I didn’t drink so much…